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What is the Best Zip Line Seat Configuration? Seats, Trolleys and Harnesses

There are dozens of zip line configurations you can choose for your backyard zip line. It varies from disc seats, swings, trolleys, harnesses or even a spare tire. This article is for you if you are looking to purchase a zip line kit with a seat or looking to add variety to your already installed backyard zip line such as a zip line harness or swing seat. It really depends on your backyard and what works best for you and your family.  You will have to consider how high the zip line will be off the ground and your child's ability to control themselves on the ride. We will go over some of the most popular options for a variety of situations.


Most Popular


Disc Seat w/ Trolley

Hands down the most popular set is the Disc Seat w/ Trolley. It is easy for young kids to mount and hold onto the Trolley's sturdy handles. There is some risk where the child might be too short to grab the trolley, in which case they can still grab onto the rope but not the most optimal setup. Consider adding additional safety measures, like a harness. This configuration should not be high off the ground, nor should it be going fast. 


Rectangle Variation

Another version of the disc seat.   



Swing Seat

Another personal favorite setup is using a flexible Swing Seat. It's not much different from the Disc Seat but offers a different type of experience. There is an unobstructed view and sort of feels like gliding through the air for the rider. This zip line swing seat might be more comfortable with those familiar with swing sets at parks.

            Zipline Swing Seat - 

Extra Security

If you are very protective of your kids safety or if you feel like they are accident prone, then adding a zip line harness is a must! You can run this setup with the harness itself or pairing it with the above solutions. Using a harness can be very smart, for one, you can install the harness on the child before climbing onto the zip line. This eases a lot of parent's concerns as many accidents occur at this point. Install the harness on the child on solid ground, ensuring their security. The last part is hooking them into the secure carabiner.  



This section are for parents of kids who love adventure and aren't afraid of anything. Typically these are older children who are active and can hold their own weight. Do they climb the monkey bars at playgrounds? Consider only having a trolley! Of course this is a little dangerous but if the zip line is not high off the ground and your children don't might some danger then this would be perfect. Or even if you have little kids they can use the trolley-only method if the zip line is really close to the ground. Sometimes its not about the height, but about the speed!

             Zipline Trolley -

Low Budget

Here are some other low budget or creative zip line seat ideas.


If you have a spare tire around, why not put it to good use?


DIY Seat
Have the itch to do it yourself? Check out a DIY tutorial on how to make your on swing set.


 Thanks for reading and as always, have fun ziplining! 






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