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About Us

Zip Line Stop is a family operated online business that started with an idea and a love for zip lines! We want you to experience the thrill of being able to zip line in your own backyard! We offer zip line kits and all the gear needed to set up your very own zip line. We also offer installation or setup inquires. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and we can get a setup that works for your family.

Thank you for continuing to help our business grow!

We've had ours for two years and all of my daughter's friends who come over are stoked that we have a zip line!! Hours of safe, amazing fun!! No Gill needed. Easy to set up between two trees with a built launch platform.
-Denise V.

Very quick and easy to install. We are now the favorite grandparents of all time. The may never go home again. :)
-Jack B.

We bought a zipline off Amazon and took us all day to put the bugger up, even with the 8 hours of two guys it never worked well, we felt unsafe. When the zipline came from this company, I did it by myself in 20 minutes - not kidding. It was so easy and with the equipment they give you it's so easy to make the line tighter with just a click or two. Safe, very safe - cable is thick and all the safety things they give you - amazing! What the heck was I thinking buy a zipline from the big A.
-Kevin S.