Industrial Strength Backyard Zip Lines

  • X2 Flexi Seat with Webbing - Zip Line Stop - 1
  • X2 Flexi Seat with Webbing - Zip Line Stop - 2

Alien Flier

X2 Flexi Seat with Webbing

X2 Zip Line Flexi Seat with Webbing




**for the X2 Zip Line Series**

Whether you are purchasing a replacement seat for your current zip line trolley or upgrading from a disc-style seat, you will love the Flexi Seat.

The Flexi Seat comes with 1" Tri-glide web locks, sturdy 1" webbing and Pop n' Snap** ring fitted specifically to mate with the Alien Flier's X2 Trolley

*Seat and webbing colors may vary.

*Alien Flier’s Pop N’ Snap ring is a star feature of our new X2 trolley. It safely locks our one-piece handles into place, allows for quick seat changes and easy trolley removal.
This, along with our EZUp Cable System, makes the Alien Flier X2 completely PORTABLE and thoroughly DURABLE!

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