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Kids Zipline Harness Kit - Zip Line Stop

Kids Zipline Harness Kit

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Children's Safety Harness Kit

This safety harness is perfect for kids that will add an additional level of safety to your zip line.

Our new trolley lanyard solves that problem by using two sewn runners that are sewn together to provide the rider with both a main lanyard and backup lanyard in one compact unit. Using two different color webbings makes checking for lanyard wear easy. A 6500 lb breaking strength.

Kit includes:

  • Child's Harness - Light weight harness with reinforced belay loop. Seat strap. 3 point adjustment . Pass through buckles used in waist and legs. Up to 44" waist.
  • Choice of: 36" Trolley Lanyard - Continuous sewn runner 1" in width and a 6000 lb breaking strength
  • 2 Steel Screw Locking Carabiners

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