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Tree House Zip Line

Posted on 20 July 2017

Building a tree house zip line is actually really simple, I'll explain. Because your tree house is already (hopefully) built into trees and the trees are holding their structural weight it is easy to just use the tree house as a platform and anchor the zip line kit directly to one of the trees. It can take as little as 30 minutes and will provide hours of fun for your kids, they'll also have the most epic tree house of all time.

tree house zip line

This may seem simple and any zip line kit on this website would be suitable for that, but many times people make the mistake of trying to attach a homemade zip line to tree house itself. This is not only dangerous, but can ruin the structural integrity of tree house and put it at risk for collapse. If not trees are available for whatever reason the next best thing is to use a zip line anchor post. This is generally a post that is cemented into the ground and is at least 8-12" in circumference . As you can see in the next picture the zip line is secured to a post that is located externally from the tree house. This is the correct way to install a tree house zip line.


tree house zip line


Want to learn how to build the tree house too? Check out this video:



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