Industrial Strength Backyard Zip Lines

  • Brake Block - Zip Line Stop - 1
  • Brake Block - Zip Line Stop - 2
  • Brake Block - Zip Line Stop - 3
  • Brake Block - Zip Line Stop - 4


Brake Block

Brake Block




The Zip Line Stop Zip Line Brake Block--
This is your zip lines best friend!  How else will you slow down at the end of the zip line?  You can either add a rope to use it as a manned brake or add bungee to use it as an automatic brake.  It adds an extra level of safety to your zip line ride.  It is made out of a high quality, very dense plastic specifically designed for exceptional wear resistance and long life.  Can be used as a primary or secondary brake. Bungee must be bought separately.
Fits Cable Up to 1/2"

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