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Chetco Zip Line Kit with Seat

$300.00 $349.99


This high quality residential zip line kit has delighted thousands of families for over a decade and continues to stand the test of time with it's durability. The Chetco Zip Line Kit comes with Cable, Hardware to connect to two trees, Safety Stop Block, a Zip line Seat and a Steel Blue Trolley with Built-In Handlebars.

  • 1/4" Cable, Cable Sling, Turnbuckle with back-up and 3 cable clamps. Give a shout if you need a custom length of cable. 
  • Blue Chetco Cable Trolley with built-in handlebars and dual ball-bearing wheels.
  • Zip line Drifter Seat with Carabiner
  • Stop Block provides a no-pass point with bumper for the trolley (this is not a brake). 
  • Weight limit is 350 lbs. 

SETUP: A clear runway between two trees or poles is required, preferably one where the landscape slopes. A 50' zip line needs to drop about 1.5 FT (3%), a 100 FT zip line would drop about 3 FT (3%).