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Posted on 14 February 2017

We've spent this past year working on bringing our clients the most innovative and safest zip-line products available. We've expanded our product line in all classes and certainly will continue to offer our best to our clients.

The newest zip-line kit in our lineup is the Raptor Kit, it's built to provide a quality zip line experience in an affordable package with easy to install instructions. The Black Raptor Trolley has metal side plates and boasts metal wheels and axles as wheel as ball-bearings. It is sold with the big boy zip line seat. The kit supplies a 250-lb weight limit.
The Big Boy Seat also obtained a makeover. Instead of being circular we have altered the shape to be a rectangle which provides more comfort for the rider. In addition, it comes with 4' of string having a braided and wrapped eye for affixing the carrabiner. https://www.ziplinestop.com/collections/seats-harnesses/products/disc-zip-line-seat-w-rope?variant=20215976646

We hope you enjoy our newest products!



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  • Edward: August 19, 2017

    I have a son that weighs 420 is there any kit for 200 ft that would support himnut

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