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Build a Zip Line without Trees

Posted on 17 July 2017

Want to buy a zip line kit, but don't have the right trees in your backyard? No problem! With a little know how you can easily put in posts and/or platforms to install your zip line.

The general rules of installing a zip line post is that it should be at least 4 'x 6' (for a 200' cable) and sunk into the ground a minimum of 4' and filled with concrete and crushed rock. 

zip line anchor

The post should also be anchored from behind to withstand the weight and bearing load on the zip line cable.

zip line without trees

Many people opt to buy a concrete weight and bury it in the ground similar to this:

zip line without trees

Once you are finished it should look similar to this:

build zip line without trees

Notice the slight change in elevation, this should be an approximate 6% grade but you can adjust this depending on how quick you want the zip line to move. Also many of these parts like the pulley, concrete, and chain can be purchased at a local hardware store and the zip line cable on this site. The kit that would be perfect for this type of zip line design that contains almost everything you need would be the Hornet Zip Line Kit, this kit would be perfect because it contains turnbuckles in comparison to the Alien Flier kits that use a ratchet system. Questions? Shoot us an email info@ziplinestop.com.



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