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Build a Zip Line without Trees

Build a Zip Line Without Trees

Want to buy a zip line kit, but don't have the right trees in your backyard? No problem! With a little know how you can easily put in posts and/or platforms to install your zip line. Let's get creative!


When installing an anchor for a zip line, you need to pay attention to a few crucial details. This part is important as most people underestimate how much horizontal force is applied during the zip line ride. It can be up to 3,000 pounds! Read this next part on how to build a zip line without trees.


Wood or Metal posts must be 12” diameter, minimum. Yes! That's a thick post, but it is necessary!

How to Build a Zipline - Wood Post

Posts must be sunk 4 feet in ground, or 10% of post length plus 2 feet (whichever is greater). Secure with concrete 6 inches thick around post. If your backyard has special conditions such as sand, loose rocks or water environments, please consult an engineer! 

Building a Zipline without Trees - Wood post with Concrete



What is a Guy Cable? Well it goes by many names (guy-wire, guy-line, guy-rope), but it is a tensioned cable designed to add stability to the zip line pole. In your case, it helps takes tension off the zip line as weight is applied horizontally.

Posts with Guy CABLES and ground anchor posts do not have to have the same diameter, but it must be 8 inches Diameter, minimum.

Cable attachment must be 12 inches from top of pole, minimum, and as close as possible to zip line attachment point.

Install Guy Cables at a distance equal to or greater than attachment height. For example if the height of your zip line on your wooden pole is 10 feet, install the Guy Cables at least 10 feet away.


The post should also be anchored from behind to withstand the weight and bearing load on the zip line cable.

zip line without trees


Notice the slight change in elevation, this should be an approximate 6% grade but you can adjust this depending on how quick you want the zip line to move. Also many of these parts like the pulley, concrete, and chain can be purchased at a local hardware store and the zip line cable on this site.


There are few things to look out for when installing a zip line with no trees. Be sure you have at least 7 feet clearance all around the zip line ride. Also, to reiterate, be sure the post is secure in the ground! If you have a backyard that has loose soil or sand, be sure to consult someone!

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The kit that would be perfect for this type of zip line design that contains everything you need would be the Ultimate Torpedo Zip Line Kit. From zip line cable, to a durable trolley, to a safe and reliable braking system, this is our favorite kit.

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zip line without trees
zip line without trees
backyard zip line



  • I’m repurposing some retired telephone/power poles. They are about 12" diameter and up to 30 feet tall. Sink those buggers 6’ into the ground and I don’t think it’s going anywhere. I will be installing guy wires on both for extra measure.

  • Where does one get a 12" diameter post? Why would the metal post need to be the same diameter as the wood post?

    Why not use a 4" galvanized steel light post cemented 6+ feet into the ground? Shouldn’t that be plenty strong? Or even a 2" steel post with a guy wire?


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