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All About Cable Free Zip Line Kits

Cable free zip line kits are for people who prefer to buy their own zip line cable. This could be for several different reasons, some people prefer to have a thicker cable length on their zip lines because they may plan on having a long zip line, or they could have more weight that the zip line cable must be able to support. When looking at the Alien Flier Zip Line Series, the 150 foot zip line kits and 200 foot zip lines come with 1/4" cable. That's because the zip line cable must support the weight of the rider for a longer distance. The 75' and the 100' come with 3/16" because the cable length is shorter. If you were interested in purchasing your own zip line wire the sizes range from 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8".

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The cable free zip line kit contains X2 Trolley with Speed Control, Pop N' Snap Harness Seat, or Harness, Safety Stop Block, Shock Cord and Tow Rope. To buy the cable seperately the additional parts needed would be the EZ Up Ratchet Kit, the specific sized cable desired, and 6 Drop Forged cable clamps to make the eye-loops. 

zip line cable clampdiy zip line cablezip line cable

Once the cable has the eye loops you may follow the directions contained within the cable free zip line kit package.

If you're looking to buy a kit that already has some heavy duty cable check out the ZLP Zip Line Kits. They come equipped with 5/16" cable and range in size from cable free - 500 feet. The Ultimate Torpedo zip line kit comes with a seat whereas the Torpedo Zip Line kit with harness comes with an included harness.

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