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Hornet Zipline Kit with Seat

Hornet Zipline Kit with Seat

$255.99 $284.99

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This is a top rated zip line kit that is truly one of a kind. I personally guarantee your kids will love it and that it will provide hours of entertainment for your whole family. This kit boasts the super durable ZLP Hornet Trolley which combines the trolley and handle into one unit and has dual ball bearings to give you the highest possible speed and the smoothest ride. The superior design allows the user to remove the trolley from the cable without actually having to dissasemble the cable. The seat is included in this kid which adds another level of safety for the rider and is geared more towards younger children. The kit also includes a 1/2" by 9" turnbuckle that is used to tighten the cable so there isn't any slack in the line, a 6' cable sling for securing the cable to a tree, 1/4" cable line that includes 5 clamps, a big boy seat with 4 feet of rope, and a carabiner for attaching the seat to the trolley.

This trolley will work on cables up to 1/2".

  • ZLP Hornet Trolley w stainless wheels
  • 250 lb weight limit
  • Easy installation
  • Fun for the entire family
  • Seat included for easy riding
  • Most components made in the USA
  • Ages 5 and up. Holds riders up to 250 lbs
  • Easy-to-follow instruction manual

Happy Zipping!


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