Industrial Strength Backyard Zip Lines

  • 3/4" Heavy Duty Zipline Cable - Zip Line Stop


3/4" Heavy Duty Zipline Cable

3/4" Heavy Duty Zipline Cable

$2.09 $3.75



3/4" Heavy Duty Galvanized Aircraft Zip Line Cable
*We can attach the thimbles and clamps  for you after cutting it to fit the length needed.  This would result in the cable having two loops on either end and would be ready for set up with any cable free kit. Just email us!
*Put Number of Feet Needed in as Quantity. 
In most cases 3/16" cable has a 150 lb. weight limit, 1/4" has 250 lb. weight limit, 5/16" have a 350 lb. weight limit, and 3/8" has a 400 lb. weight limit.

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