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Torpedo Zipline Trolley System w/ Handle

$179.99 $192.99

This trolley system is the best, it has everything you need in a high performance trolley system with the added safety features. This kit boasts stainless steel side plates and hardened stainless steel wheels. Each wheel of the trolley has two ball bearings which give the rider a faster and smoother ride than any other trolley on the market. The double ball bearings ensure peak performance and an extended life span. There is a slot that allows for the use of 3 caribiners where you can attach different accessories like handles, seats, or a harness. There is also the back up safety feature where you can attach an additional caribiner. At the bottom of the trolley there is an open design that makes installation and removal from the cable simply by unhooking a carabiner. This trolley system is designed for cables up 1/2" in diameter and is rated for up to 100 MPH!!

ZLP Straight Bar Zip Line Handle 14" Powder coated steel handle designed specifically for zip lining.  Comes with rubber ergonomic grips that contour to fit your hands

Oval-shaped carabiner decreases the chances of cross loading the gate and distributes the load evenly making it ideal for use with pulleys. Strong and versatile with an alloy steel body & screw-locking gate.
Gate Opening Major Minor Open Length Width Weight Weight
0.75"/ 19mm 23kn 9kn 9kn 4.3" 2.4" 5.80oz 0.362lbs