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Drifter Seat with Carabiner



A beautifully hand-crafted and stained wooden seat and adjustable rope, the Drifter Zip Line Seat will allow you to fly with comfort and style. It's easy to set up  and use for riders of all ages. If you don't already have a carabiner, select the Drifter with a Carabiner. 

We recommend a harness where a fall could result in injury.  If you are looking for a zip line set up that doesn’t require riders to hold on, check out our Harnesses. We recommend harnesses for zip line set ups any considerable distance from the ground.

  • 1" Nylon rope, clips to any zip line trolley using a carabiner (optional)
  • Hand crafted pine wood seat 14" in diameter and sits 1.5" tall
  • Rope can be adjusted to place riders as low as 3 FT below the trolley
  • Working load limit: 400lbs