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ZLP Hornet Handlebar Trolley

$164.99 $176.99


ZLP Hornet Handlebar Trolley

Introducing the new and improved Hornet Trolley. The Hornet Trolley is the first of its kind. It features an all in one design combining the trolley and handle bar.  What makes it special is the trolley can be removed from the cable without removing the cable from the trees. 

In previous designs the cable is fed through the trolley between the wheels and handlebar, which locked the trolley to the cable unless the cable is removed allowing the trolley to be taken off.  With the Hornets innovative design you are able to twist the trolley, which release the trolley from the cable allowing it to be removed with ease.  With this added feature the trolley can be taken down and out of the weather, dramatically increasing the life of the trolley. 

It also makes it easy to take the trolley from the finish of the zip line back to the start without having to pull it back with a rope.  The Hornet features two ball bearings per wheel giving it a faster, smoother ride.  The clip-in hole allows for the use of accessories such as a seat or harness.  Will work on cable up to 1/2" in diameter and in speeds in excess of 100 MPH.  If your looking for state of the art this trolley is for you.