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ZLP Dual Bearing Trolley w/ Safety Backup




Product Description

ZLP Torpedo Dual Bearing Trolley with Safety Backup

If you are looking for a high performance trolley with an added safety feature, the ZLP Torpedo is it. It is made of stainless steel casing and features  304 stainless steel sheaves. Each sheave is equipped with two ball bearings giving it a faster, smoother and cooler ride. This helps ensure peak performance and extended life.  The Torpedo is assembled using machined 304 stainless steel axles which provides stability and strength.  The clip-in slot at the bottom of the trolley allows for the use of 3 carabiners to attach accessories such as a handle, seat, or harness. There is also a seperate clip-in slot on the back of the trolley to attach a carabiner as an added safety back-up feature. The bottom of the trolley has an open design making the installation/removal of it as easy as clipping/unclipping a carabiner. Built for use on cable up to 1/2" in diameter and rated at 100 MPH.

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