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The Best Zip Line Trolleys

Posted on 22 June 2016

Zip Line Trolleys and the Endless Choices--- How do you decide?

When it comes time to decide what the best attachment is for your zip line the choices can become overwhelming, there are so many different companies competing for the spotlight- all claiming to have the best product...but what is important is what's right for YOU!

First decide if you want a handlebar style zip line trolley, by first deciding what style you want to go with it will only be a matter of process of elimination. A handle bar style trolley is generally a stainless steel trolley that consists of dual ball bearings that attach to the cable line and allow it to slide, and two handles that come out from either side of the trolley. A seat can also be attached to the trolley by a carabine for extra safety. The handle style trolley is a good choice for a number of reasons. They give the ride control over their movements, their exit strategy if they are letting go over top of water, and also a sense of security because they are not physically attached to the trolley. 

By allowing the rider to have control over their movement the rider can greatly reduce their risk of injury while riding the zip line. The handles on the zip line allow the rider to manipulate themselves in such a way that they do not twist and turn on the ride backwards as they could if they were sitting in a seat or attached in a harness, after all, you don't want to go down a zip line backwards do you? This is where the increased safety comes into play, because the rider is able to stay alert while flying down the cable in a straight forward facing motion as opposed to sideways or backwards. By having more control over how you enter the landing zone you are able to control how your body reacts to your surroundings. You can slow yourself if you are entering too quickly, or release yourself before the landing if that's how your zip line is set up. 

Handle bar zip line trolleys also add an extra sense of psychological security to beginners. Riders new to zip lining feel more comfortable holding on to handles because they feel like they have more control over the ride. If a beginner was to be strapped in a harness and spinning throughout the ride, especially at higher speeds it could create an extremely unpleasant experience for  them and discourage them from zip lining in the future.

Experienced zip liners who know how to manipulate their body weight in such a way that they are able to keep their body straight enjoy the harnesses, but only after the skill is mastered. Many beginners also become nervous because they don't trust the gear to completely support them, with the handle they feel that THEY are in control and not at the mercy of a harness. It is completely normal for beginners to feel nervous, especially if the zip line they are jumping off of is at high heights, it is only practice and experience that will ease them into the comfort of enjoying the ride to it's fullest- and the right gear!

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Happy Zipping! 

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