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The Best Zip Line Trolleys


When it comes time to decide what the best trolley is for your zip line the choices can become overwhelming, there are so many different options. Do you want a trolley with a handle or with a seat? Do I want to prioritize zip line safety utilizing a trolley brake or should I be a speed demon? We compare the pros and cons of each trolley we offer and what suits you and your family the best.


Zip Line Configuration

There are several variants of zip line trolleys we will cover. Some will be geared towards children, while others will be for adults. The most important thing is to understand all of your options and choose the one that works for you.


Zip line Trolley with Brake

I want to be careful here in how I explain zip line trolleys with brakes. There is no backyard zip line out there that allows the rider to fully stop utilizing only a trolley brake. It is strongly recommended to utilize a zip line braking system as the primary stopper. We do offer an Alien Flier trolley that has brakes that will control your speed. This will not stop you, but it is more of a speed control and can stop you at low speeds. 

Zip line Trolley with Handle

Handle bar zip line trolleys add an extra sense of psychological security to beginners. Riders new to zip lining feel more comfortable holding on to handles because they feel like they have more control over the ride. If a beginner was to be strapped in a harness and spinning throughout the ride, especially at higher speeds it could create an extremely unpleasant experience for them and discourage them from zip lining in the future.

The one we highly recommend is the Torpedo Trolley with a handle. The handle is detachable allowing you swap for any other attachment. It is stainless steel and is rated for speeds up to 100 mph. 

 Torpedo Trolley with Handle

If you are looking for a bit of color, the next trolley comes in yellow or pink. The Hornet Handlebar Trolley features built-in handle bars so you can have a handle and add a seat if needed! This trolley is also easily removable to keep it safe from weather. 

trolley zip line


Zip line Trolley with Seat

Most of our zip line kits will come with seats. Usually seats, handle bars, harnesses are attachments to the actual trolley. This is where you can get creative depending on your need. If safety is a priority, consider a children's harness. Otherwise, our most popular item is the circular seat.


Cheap Zip line Trolley

Our cheapest trolley has to be the Black Raptor Zipline Trolley. This very barebones and doesn't come with any other accessories. It still can go up to 100mph and will fit cable up to 3/8". 



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Happy Zipping! 

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