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Cool Places to Zip Line

In this blog post I'll share some of the coolest places to go zip lining, besides your backyard. If you are a government worker or in the military you can get a steep discount at Mt. Hood Adventure Park in Oregon has over 100 activities for adults and children, they also boast some pretty insane zip lines that are over 800 feet in length. If you want to see what others thought about Mt. Hood you can look on Trip Advisor here and check out other people zip lining  at and their pictures...they're pretty entertaining and they look like they had a blast! If you're interested and want to make a family trip out of it you can book your stay here. 

Another cool place that's pretty top secret is in Louisville, Kentucky and it's in a cave, yes...a cave. It has a huge zip line that flies past bats and other crazy creepers. The mega zip attracts over 3,000 people a year who crave the thrill of flying through the dark at roller coaster speeds. The cavern is massive and you have over 17 miles of zip lines, the craziest part is the last zip line that drops an insane 100 feet into the dark and all you have is a light attached to your helmet. You can check this awesome spot out here.

In Bellevue, Washington they host the Bellevue Challenge course and zip line tour. This is an extremely popular event and attracts people from all over the United States. It has obstacle courses, a vertical playpen, a low course and a high course depending on how adventurous you're feeling...and your fear of heights!  They offer 6 zip lines that range in length from 78 to a whopping 458 feet! They have 2 suspension bridge with the longest being 54 feet long, and their highest platform is 54 feet high. The riders will travel as fast as 35 mph, now that is one exciting ride. For more information check out their website here.

Just be sure if you visit any of these places, you keep your safety in mind. Zip Line Safety should be taken very seriously, the thrill is amazing but the government has been cracking down on many popular zip line sites because there is no standard zip line safety law in place. Go with your gut, especially if it is a really high zip line..ask about what safety measures they have in place, and be vocal if you feel like it's not enough. 

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