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Zip Line Braking Systems

When it comes to zip line kits there are a lot of different options, but the most important component of any zip line is how you stop. Of course there are the adventurous types who choose to build zip line stoppers out of old tires or a bunch of padding on the tree but, as I'm sure you can already guess, that's pretty dangerous.

We offer two of the most popular braking systems on the market, the Zip Line Spring Stop and the Zip Line Brake Block. All of the full zip line kits that we sell include a brake block, but we do offer some ZLP kits that allow you to add your own braking system. The brake blocks are popular because they sit on the zip line and once the trolley makes contact with them they stretch bungee cord that is anchored off the end of the zip line and stretch to slow the rider to a near stop and then it pushes them back towards the middle of the ride.  The spring stop works in a similar way, it is inserted on the zip line during installation and pushed to the end of the zip line. Once the trolley makes contact with the spring stop it compresses and springs the rider back to the center of the ride.

I always recommend two different forms of braking systems when either running an accelerated zip line on a steep incline or a zip line strung up over water. It's rare, but in some instances zip line bungee can break if put under extreme stress - especially if the cable is on more than a 6% decline to the end point. It's always better to be safe than sorry! Got more questions? Message us at 

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