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All About Slack lines / Stunt Lines

Walking on a slack line, tightrope, or trapeze is no longer reserved for just circus performers. In fact, this kind of activity can be done by all and holds numerous health benefits. Just to name a few, you can improve your balance, straighten your posture, and even strengthen mental fortitude. The older we get the harder it is to maintain these necessary faculties and walking the fine line on these ropes will definitely help maintain these skills. Check out slacklines Here.

Here are our top 10 benefits of walking on slack lines.

  • Full body Workout – Balancing on a rope requires the complete use of your body, engaging all your muscles and focus to prevent you from falling off the slack line. The most proper and efficient technique requires you to keep your lower body static and move from the hips up. All muscles working to keep you balanced and you learn about proper weight distribution while working all parts of your body.
  • Improves Balance – Balance is vital in all aspects of life. Having good balance will follow you until your later ages. Since a slack line is a flexible, elastic rope, it takes an extreme amount of balance and coordination to keep yourself up.  In fact, the International Journal of Sports Medicine found that slack lining increased the rate of muscular contraction, meaning individuals in the slack lining study were able to perform physical activity faster.
  • Improves core strength – The active balancing strengthens your core over time. Though it may not seem like it when spectators are standing afar, rope-walkers utilize their core nonstop while on the line. Contracting the core ensures focus and proper balance because the body is required to limit excess movements.
  • Better posture – Improved posture is one of the top benefits of slack lining. Though the primary muscle group being utilized are the core muscles, you also use your back muscles and strengthen your spine. This helps prevent poor posture and can delay the onset of back pains. In fact, a Scandinavian study published in 2011 found that after 10 sessions of slack line training, subjects improved posture, balance, and reflex control.
  • Meditative – Walking on a slack line can be described as a moving meditation. Traditional meditation requires us to draw inwards and reflect, but in slack lining, you take that same inner focus and apply it. The mental and physical challenge of slack lining can be enough to place you in a zen state-of-mind. Your mind is clear and focused, and you are driven.
  • Boosts Memory Function – The Life Center Chiropractic cited a 2011 study found in the scientific journal Hippocampus that said “slack lining led to an increase in the structural and functional plasticity of the hippocampus, an area of the brain responsible for navigation and memory”.
  • Sharpens Focus – Successfully walking the slack line requires undivided and intense concentration. The slightest deviation from the walk will cause you to fall off. Daily practice will improve your attention span and give you more control over your mind’s wandering thoughts, which is useful for day-to-day activities, including work and other hobbies you enjoy.
  • Nature Appreciation – Slack lining is an outdoor activity that promotes being in nature. Exercising outside enhances sun exposure which is more vitamin D for your body. An outdoor setting relaxes your nerves and increases your appreciation for nature.
  • Promotes Social Interaction – Slack lining is a social activity that serves as a great workout with friends. Furthermore, having friends with you can encourage you to exceed your limits in this exercise, and since slack lines are usually set up between trees in public areas, curious passersby may even be willing to watch and join in on the fun! And because slack lines come in various lengths and widths depending on experience and how daring a rope-walker wants to be, all levels of experience are welcome.
  • Affordable – Slack line, trapeze, and tightrope ropes are, essentially, ropes, and as a result are very affordable. This relieves the financial stress of wanting to enjoy a novel physical activity as you only have to purchase a rope.
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